'I can play without fear; the world has no shadows any longer'


Gabriela is a 13 year-old teenager who lives with her mother, four brothers, grandmother and uncle. The family of eight share a single room in a building where one bathroom is used by several families. Gabriela started going to AA Criança two years ago and staff soon noticed that she was often apprehensive and irritable during activiites. She regularly complained of migraines and pain in her eyes.


Gabriela's school always reported her behaviour to be “less-than-acceptable”. AA Crianca asked Gabriela what was happened. She said she was very sad because she could not read and do what was needed at school. She attributed her bad behaviour to the migraines and eye pain and to her experiences with bullying, with children picking on her because of her bad vision and calling her mad. Sadly, the school had not noticed this, instead blaming her bad behaviour on lack of interest and her family situation.


AA Criança referred her to an eye specialist, who detected serious impairment to Gabriela’s sight which could be easily corrected by wearing glasses. Thanks to your support, Gabriela’s school performance has now significantly improved and she is enjoying taking part in activities at AA Criança.


After receiving a pair of glasses, Gabriela said: “I can now see everything as it is, I can see colours on the television, I can play without fear; the world has no shadows any longer”. With ABC Trust's support, AA Criança did something noone else did for Gabriela - took the time to listen to her and show her the love and attention she needed to make her shine. 

Big City Sleep 2014


There are over 24,000 children on the streets in Brazil...can you handle one night?


Join ABC Trust on Friday October 24th and sleep under the stars in one of London's coolest markets to raise vital funds for street children! Gather your friends together and experience a night full of Brazilian culture! We are hosting this event with our sister charity Street Child World Cup and it will be a night to remember! 


Get sponsored to enjoy a silent disco, authentic Brazilian dance lessons, great food and art, a wonderful DJ and a super secret film screening that has yet to be announced!


Sign up here



Registration price: £25 for individuals, £15 for groups of 5 or more

Fundraising target: £150 

Location: Spitalfields Market, London 

Times: 7pm-7am


Art of Futebol - More Information

 Inkie and David Luiz


“This ball design was based on the classic 1970's World Cup graphic design and shows David Luiz as one of the current 'stars' of Brazilian football.” - Inkie

Artist: Inkie

Inkie is a London based painter and street artist, originally from Bristol. His pieces incorporate styles from diverse sources, such as Mayan architecture, the work of William Morris and Islamic geometry. Having chosen to only outsource his work through established members of the Fine Art Guild, his pieces have seen demand increase exponentially and the value rocket within recent years. His work is collected across Japan, China and America by celebrities including Jade Jagger, Robbie Williams and Fatboy Slim.

The Footballer: Davis Luiz

David Luiz Moreira Marinho, known as David Luiz, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for English club Chelsea and is vice-captain for the Brazil national team during the 2014 World Cup. Primarily a central defender, he is often deployed as a left-back and a defensive midfielder. 

























Falcão and Pakpoom Silaphan


“Football is everyone's game, and it reaches out to people around the world.  It can enable the dreams of children who wish that one day they will be a star. Football is like a religion and the footballers become idols.  It is this idea of how the footballer creates hope and can inspire people to follow their dreams that I wanted to convey in my design.” - Pakpoom Silaphan

Artist: Pakpoom Silphan

Pakpoom Silaphan is a Thai artist living in London. His practice examines notions of globalization, mass consumerism and the universal reach of cultural icons across the world through the medium of pop art. Silaphan has exhibited in the USA, France and Italy. He has featured in My Private Collection with Grayson Perry, David Hockney and Banksy at the Paul Smith Gallery in Tokyo in 2009 and has a strong following.

The Footballer: Falcão

Paulo Falcão is a Brazilian head coach and former footballer, considered one of the best players in international history. For the Brazil national team, Falcão was capped 34 times between February 1976 and June 1986. He appeared at the 1982 FIFA World Cup, playing alongside Zico, Sócrates and Éder, considered one of the greatest Brazilian national teams ever. 

























Oscar and Tolleck Winner


“These glasses, originally donated to Boots optician by the young, old, middle aged and those passed on represent how people live their lives from different perspectives and everyone has a different view of Brazil. What is important is that we respect one another and try to bring peace and kindness to the children of Brazil” - Tolleck

Artist: Tolleck Winner

Tolleck Winner ARBS was born in the former USSR in 1959. He has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1980. Tolleck’s art stems from his early fascination with the basic nature of raw materials, mastering a technique based on engineering studies. Tolleck is a well recognized and established contemporary artist and his work is kept in private and public collections in the UK and throughout the world.

The Footballer: Oscar

Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Junior, known as Oscar, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for Premier League club Chelsea and the Brazil national team. Oscar began his career at São Paulo, where he won the Brazilian Serie A in 2008.

























Romário and Cibelle


"I have written ’Copa pra quem? ’ (World Cup for whom?), several times around the football. The answer to this question is responded by the title of the piece- football is for the children and ABCs work promotes this. " - Cibelle

Artist: Cibelle

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, inter-disciplinary multi-practice performance artist Cibelle Cavalli Bastos has been based in London for 12 years. She was educated at the Royal College of Arts, l’Ecole Superieure de Beaux Arts in Paris and studied music at the conservatory Marcelo Tupinambá. In 2009 she worked with the Serpentine Gallery alongside Guggenheim's Latin American art curator Pablo Leon de la Barra and Kenneth Bostock.

The Footballer: Romário 

Romário de Souza Faria is a former Brazilian striker born in 1966 in Rio de Janeiro. As an outstanding forward, Romário helped Brazil win the 1994 World Cup. He is one of Brazil’s top league scorers of all time and has been named one of the 125 Greatest Living Footballers in History by FIFA.  




























Pelé and Rob and Nick Carter


"Pelé, a true magician with the football, was regarded by many as the best player of all time. He has safely guaranteed a giant's reputation in perpetuity. It seemed very logical to us to design an optical illusion box underscoring that sense of eternity using spy glass and surface mirrors to house the fantastic signed football. ABC Trust is a wonderfully worthwhile charity and we’re delighted to be involved.” - Rob and Nick Carter

Artists: Rob & Nick Carter

Rob and Nick Carter are a married couple who have been working together for over 15 years. Their work focuses on the possibilities of light, colour and form, questioning the boundaries between each media. They have executed several large scale public and corporate commissions and their work is in collections of the Mauritius, the V&A, the David Roberts Foundation and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The Footballer: Pelé

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, famously known as Pelé, is Patron of ABC Trust. In 1999 he was voted the World Player of the Century by the International Federation of Football. In 2013 he received the FIFA Ballon d'Or Prix d'Honneur in recognition of his career and achievements as a global icon of football. A true Brazilian icon, Pelé is regarded as the best player of all time.






















Raí and Pure Evil


“I like to draw bunnies A LOT…and it shows. After watching the amazing film PIXOTE I was led to Brazil to check out Rio and Sao Paulo. The condition that a lot of street kids live in there is something I am very aware of, they need our help.” - Pure Evil

Artist: Pure Evil

Charles Uzzell-Edwards is a graffiti artist known by the moniker "Pure Evil”. Pure Evil uses stencils, spray paint, acrylic, marker pen, glow in the dark paint, neon and tempera pain. In May 2012, he appeared on the BBC TV show The Apprentice, where he took part in an urban art task. Key exhibitions include The Nightmare Series  at the Saatchi Gallery, 2014, and Pure Evil Nightmare  at The Hoxton, 2013.

The Footballer: Raí

Raí Souza Vieira de Oliveria, simply known as Raí, is a retired footballer who played for Brazil for more than one decade. As an attacking midfielder, he spent the majority of his career with São Paulo and Paris Saint-Germain, winning 15 major titles and helping the country to win the 1994 World Cup. 
























Ronaldo and Nasser Azim


“To me, Ronaldo is one of the most exciting, skilled and colourful legends that the world has ever seen; I wanted to capture his zest for football - set against an abstract splash of Brazilian colours that encompass the Nation's uncompromising passion and love for the beautiful game.” - Nasser Azam

Artist: Nasser Azam

Nasser Azam is a London-based British contemporary artist from Pakistan. His paintings portray the human figure encoded in bio-morphic forms and gestural marks. His sculptural works include The Dance at London’s South Bank, Evolutionary Loop 517 at the University of Aberdeen and Athen in the London City Airport. Hiwork is bought by distinguished collectors such as Poju and Anita Zabludowicz.

The Footballer:

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima commonly known as Ronaldo, is a former Brazilian footballer. He is one of only three men to have won the FIFA World Player of the Year award three times or more. Popularly known as ‘the Phenomenon’, he won his first Ballon d'Or in 1997 and won the award again in 2002 after we helped Brazil win the 2002 World Cup.
























Ronaldinho and Patrick Hughes


The rainbow is a symbol of joy, which we wish for Brazil's vulnerable children. My rainbow throws a shadow on the sky, I hope for joy to be as solid and dependable as a permanent rainbow” - Patrick Hughes

Artist: Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes is the creator of ‘reverspective’, an optical illusion on a 3-dimensional surface, which makes close objects appear farthest away. Hughes’ painted reliefs baffle his audience, demonstrating how deceptive appearances can be. His work has been shown in London, New York, Santa Monica, Seoul, Chicago, Munich and Toronto. Hilton, Radisson and Intercontinental hotels have commissioned his work. His public collections can be seen at the British Library as well as the British council and he has several celebrity followers.

The Footballer: Ronaldinho

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, simply known as Ronaldinho, is a Brazilian footballer best known for being an attacking midfielder or forward. He won the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 2004 and 2005. He has played 97 matches and scored 33 goals for the Brazil national football team. 






















Ramires and Jimmy Galvin


The football represents unity of when people come together to play sport ,the barbed wire represents oppression and is a reference to'Amnesty international' and their universal symbol of hope for the oppressed. The bullet represents that 'every hour' in Brazil a child /teenager is killed in the conflicts. Most of the quotes on the ball are from 'The declaration of human rights' as well as some of my own text. The green text that surrounds the case is a scientific mathematical equation for 'human happiness'” - Jimmy Galvin

Artist: Jimmy Galvin

Jimmy Galvin is a Bristol based artist and musician. His musical roots have a strong impact on his paintings, and he often composes music that inspires and accompanies their abstract nature. Through revolutionary abstraction, he aims to create pieces that connect with people. His work is internationally renowned and his recent group shows include The Art of Democracy and Human Rights? Italy, 2013

The Footballer: Ramires

Ramires Santos do Nascimento, was born in Barra do Piraí in 1987. He plays for Chelsea and the Brazilian national team. As a midfielder, he represented the Brazilian national team for the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup. 

























Neymar and Richie Culver



"This piece is inspired by the many faces of football and the game’s ability to unite communities across disparate social and economic backgrounds. The crosses are symbolic of the children saved by finding solace in the sport, while at the other extreme the figurative depictions are a humorous rendering of Football players turned superstars  - those who have become, like the football itself,  figures of national pride." - Richie Culver


Artist: Richie Culver

Richie Culver was born in Yorkshire but moved to London in 2000, where he was quickly picked up and promoted by Tate Modern, Richie has been experimenting with photography, mixed-media installations, paintings and collages. Key exhibitions include The Four Letter Word  at Skur 2 Gallery, Norway, 2013 and his solo show “Too Dark One Light” in East London. His work has received critical acclaim with staunch supporters including former Pulp guitarist and current frontman of the Hours, Ant Genn. 

The Footballer: Neymar

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior was born in São Paulo in 1992. He plays for FC Barcelona and the Brazilian national team. A skilled forward and winger, he won the South American Footballer of the Year in 2011 and the Confederations Cup with Brazil in 2013. He is considered one of the top footballers in the world today.


























Zico and Static

For our piece we wanted to use some of the techniques we normally use in our layered glass originals, so the viewer sees different elements from different angles. We combined colours and symbols synonymous with the world cup, Brazil and the love of football worldwide to create what we hope is a visually exciting piece.” - Static

Artist: Static

STATIC is the creative collective of London-based artists Tom Jackson and Craig Evans. Their work is best known for its graphic and patterned style, created through screen- printing and mixed media techniques. STATIC often use found objects and symbols to signify modern culture. Their work has been exhibited in the UK, Italy, Singapore, the US, India and Japan, and a selection of pieces from their Phantasms of the Living exhibition were added to the private art collection of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family.

The Footballer: Zico

Arthur Antunes Coimbra, better known as Zico, is a Brazilian coach and former footballer. Considered to be one of the most skilled passers in history, he represented Brazil in the 1978, 1982 and 1986 World Cups. In 2004, he was named one of the 125 greatest living footballers at the FIFA awards.




Radio 4 Appeal with Gary Lineker

On the final day of the World Cup - Sunday 13th July - the legendary Gary Lineker did an appeal for us on BBC Radio 4!

The appeal will be repeated again on Thursday 17th July at 3:25pm


He will talk about the violence in Brazil and the work that ABC Trust does to tackle this.


Click here to listen to the appeal, share it with all of your friends and family and make a donation to ABC Trust







ABC In The Press

Marie Claire, July 2014 - to read article click on image



Financial Times, June 2014 - to read article click on image


Evening Standard, May 2014 - to read article click on image






























Waitrose, May 2014


boy on wall 200

Você pode ajudar a ABC deixando algum legado em seu testamento. Sua generosidade, em longo prazo, pode ajudar a mudar a vida de crianças brasileiras em vulnerabilidade social. mais... 


Event runners


Seja correndo 10K, dançando samba por 8 horas sem parar, ou dormindo uma noite em uma caixa da papelão, nossos desafios patrocinados são uma ótima maneira de você apoiar a ABC. Para mais informação, clique mais...


Clown Makeup Boy


Pode ser uma aventura de bicicleta através da América do Sul, ou sendo um hóspede de uma festa por uma noite, há inúmeras maneiras de usar seus interesses e habilidades para ajudar a ABC. mais...

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