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    Brazil has 21 of the worlds 50 most violent cities.


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Alicia Bastos is the founder of ‘Braziliality’. She came to the UK in 2002 to complete a short course at Central St Martin’s and was so taken and ‘enchanted’ by the multiculturalism of London, that she is still here ten years later.During this time, she has developed her ideas for her project Braziliality.

Her biggest exhibition to date, ‘I Am Braziliality’, took place at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery in August 2011 as part of the summer's annual Hackney Wicked festival in London.

How did you get involved with ABC?
I have always wanted to help my country and its issues however I can. After researching into ABC I was delighted to find a truly passionate organisation that works from the heart. I was intrigued by the brilliant work that ABC does all over Brazil and was eager to work with them. Our first involvement with ABC at Festinho, we raised £800 in three hours at the World Fun Cup which was Braziliality’s first year anniversary.

What is Braziliality?

Braziliality is an independent organisation, which involves a wide range of artists that are either Brazilians, working in Brazil or whose work is inspired by Brazil. Braziliality works as an art platform that holds monthly events such as exhibitions, performances and film screenings in partnership with ‘Made in Brazil’, a bar in Camden. This creates a 360 degree vision of the way people perceive Brazil. Brazil is a country of many mixed cultures, and the influence of this comes out in many of the artist’s works. This multicultural and charismatic life style in Brazil enables people to find a relationship, or connection with different countries and their culture.

What inspired you to choose the theme for this year’s exhibition?

Each year Braziliality puts on a larger event than their normal monthly ones. Last year wasThe World Fun Cup (in partnership with ABC) and this year is ‘I Am Braziliality’ which takes place inForman’s Smokehouse Galleryin Hackney Wick; an alternative area of London, where a lot of artists are influenced by the streets. The relevance of the street in Brazil, as well as in London, created the opportunity for the exhibition to take place under a mutually understood theme, which we then decided to label ‘The Street’.

How has Braziliality developed over the past three years?

It has grown a lot. It started off in a space that was only 2 square metres, in the heart of Soho, where approx. 50 people attended the private viewings. This year3000 people were drawn to the exhibition over the course of three days. It caught the attention of the media, and it is exciting to know that Braziliality will keep on growing.

The exhibition ran until 27th August at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery in Hackney Wick, where four paintings from ABC were displayed, including:

        ML              Thales            Rodrigo

Brazil has 16 of the 50 most violent cities in the World. The international drug trade and its passage through Brazil has led to a crack epidemic. Many children on the street are addicted, have dropped out of school and left home. They spend days without sleeping, eating or washing and engage in crime, prostitution and weapon trafficking. Many become victims of violence, HIV, hepatitis, unwanted pregnancy and murder. 

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